On to the TRU Championship Weekend!


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One-Sentence Recaps

In the hardest-hitting match of the season, the Arrows overcome a 9-point deficit with 5 minutes left on the clock to win the Semifinal Match at the death.

And on Sunday in the Division 3 Championship match, the Arrows score the most points allowed by the Austin Blacks in 4 years; but ultimately fall short by a wide margin.

Semifinal Match Film v. Fort Hood Old Skool

41 - 38 WIN

Scoring Record

Tries: Matl (2), N. DillonHisseToussaint, Mumaugh
Conversions: N. Dillon (3)
Penalties: N. Dillon

Championship Match v. Austin Blacks

21 - 84 Loss

Scoring Record

Tries: MumaughN. DillonBatterson
Conversions: N. Dillon (3)

Season Team Leaders

162 - No. 61 Norm Dillon
45 - No. 98 Travis Stubbs
40 - No. 107 Tommy Batterson
40 - No. 101 James Matl
35 - No. 14 Mike Mumaugh
13 - No. 61 Norm Dillon
9 - No. 98 Travis Stubbs
8 - No. 107 Tommy Batterson
8 - No. 101 James Matl
7 - No. 14 Mike Mumaugh

All-Time Team Leaders

37 - No. 26 Blake Pellerin
36 - No. 14 Mike Mumaugh
34 - No. 1 Mike Schaad
289 - No. 61 Norm Dillon
135 - No. 14 Mike Mumaugh
122 - No. 26 Blake Pellerin
27 - No. 14 Mike Mumaugh
26 - No. 61 Norm Dillon
10 - No. 26 Blake Pellerin
10 - No. 58 Justen Brignac

Season Recap

First Time Winning the Division.

First Post-Season Appearance Ever.

First Championship Weekend Ever.

First Championship Final Appearance Ever.

We are very grateful to the men, their families, and all club supporters for an amazing season of Men's Rugby. Please stay tuned for Summer 7s and our Youth Rugby program over the summer.


St. Sebastian, Pray for us!

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  1. Brice on June 27, 2022 at 3:43 am

    New heights for the club! What a terrific record season. You’ve all found your stride.

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