Rugby 101

Newer to Rugby?

Start here! If you’re new to rugby or just need a refresher, please work through the following World Rugby resources to get up to speed. As the global governing body of our fine sport, World Rugby sets the standard for basic rugby knowledge:

  • Rugby Ready - Learn the basics of the game and be prepared to step on the pitch!
  • Laws of the Game - Learn the nuances of rugby; vital to anyone looking to contribute to their team.
  • Strength & Conditioning - Rugby is tough! Make sure you understand what rugby fitness entails!

In addition to World Rugby, YouTube is always a friend for knowledge! Here are a few videos that may be helpful:

Duration - 11:00

Laws of the Game

USA Rugby (the U.S. National Governing Body for Rugby) also has some great basic knowledge resources. Check out their Rugby 101 Flyer as well as their Spectator's Guide to Rugby!

Extra Minutes

For a more comprehensive understanding of the game, pick up the book Rugby Revealed either in print or Kindle/E-Book.

Rugby Revealed is the definitive guide to rugby in terms of the roles and responsibilities of each individual position and how they combine to create a tactically astute rugby team. This highly accessible guide will help new, emerging and developing players and coaches reach their rugby potential.