Club History

Arrows RFC was founded by Mike Schaad in 2016.

Having played rugby in several club environments - including at the Catholic Benedictine College (Atchison, KS) - Mike Schaad sought to establish a Rugby Club in Houston that combined his favorite sport with his Catholic Faith. Convinced it could be done, Mike picked up the bullhorn and - like many an evangelist before him - spread the good news of the brand new Arrows Rugby Football Club.

The first organized Arrows gatherings were monthly rugby clinics - primarily targeting new, prospective Rugby players - over the Summer of 2016. Having been accepted into Texas Rugby Union's Division 3 competition, consistent numbers and a very basic rugby aptitude was going to be a requirement.

Being new to the league, the Arrows were voluntarily initiated by what later would be described as a meat-grinder of "Friendly" matches. The first-ever match was a Friendly against Bay Area Rugby Club on October 1, 2016, followed by Friendlies against the Katy Lions on October 8 and Galveston RFC on October 15. (All Losses)

The Arrows first Cup Match was a narrow Loss to the Kingwood Crusaders on October 29, 2016. Explore the rest of the story below!

Men's History


2020 - 2021

RECORD: 2 - 3

As the COVID-19 pandemic waxed and waned across the globe, professional leagues chartered the path into playing sports under safety protocols. The Arrows took to training under rigid protocols as soon as was feasible, beginning with fitness and basic skills. Beginning with the end in mind and with a tremendous amount of patience from the men, the Arrows were finally able to get back on the pitch for rugby in March for a very quick slate of competitive match-ups. Opening play with a first-ever, successful intrasquad match ("Black & Gold"), the Arrows then played 5 matches in 6 weeks, losing 3 matches against Division 2 Clubs and winning their two matches against Kingwood and Bay Area, familiar Division 3 opponents. There was much fruit on and off the field during this season as appetites were only whetted, hopeful for a return to competitive rugby in the Fall...

Award Recipients:

St. Sebastian Man of the Year: Adam Smyth

Raise the Standard

2019 - 2020

RECORD: 4 - 4

In their 4th season, the Arrows welcomed Coach Andy Hilditch to the helm. Bringing a rich rugby pedigree with him, Coach Hilditch established special emphasis on fundamental rugby - passing and catching, focus at the breakdown, autonomous decision-making, and backing your fellow mate. The boys could not be counted out of any match this season - winning two of them by late go-ahead tries at full time. While fundamentals grew, completed execution was sometimes lacking. As the team was hitting its stride with two matches left in the season, the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic discontinued rugby globally, leaving the Arrows with a taste of unfinished business and hungry for a return to the pitch. 


Award Recipients:

Newcomer of the Year: Justin Kincheloe

Most Improved Player: Danny Gutierrez

Best Forward: Matt Abrameit

Best Back: Mike Mumaugh

Most Valuable Player: Paul Passino

St. Sebastian Man of the Year: Mike Mumaugh


Other Notables:

Top Points Scorer: Norm Dillon (30)

Top Try Scorer: Mike Mumaugh (5)

Newly Numbered Arrows: 11

Team Points per Game:  21.6

Into the Breach

2018 - 2019

RECORD: 5 - 5

The Arrows were confident coming into their third season as a Club. They lost a tough first match and won their second match by a large margin. But they were humbled and dropped the three next matches - 2 by a very narrow margin - which landed the team at 1 - 4 halfway through the season. It would have been easy to throw in the towel, but the Arrows dusted themselves off and won 4 of the next 5 matches to finish the season 5 - 5. This was the first season the Arrows broke a .500 record and finished a highest-yet 3rd place in the RRRC Division 3 South group.


Award Recipients:

Newcomer of the Year: Garrett Trautman

Most Improved Player: Joe Cherny

Best Forward: Arthur Hernandez

Best Back: Justen Brignac

Most Valuable Player: Norm Dillon

St. Sebastian Man of the Year: Mike Schaad


Other Notables:

Top Points Scorer: Norm Dillon (87)

Top Try Scorer: TIE (9) - Justen Brignac Norm Dillon

Newly Numbered Arrows: 17

Team Points per Game:  36.3


2017 - 2018

RECORD: 3 - 4 - 1

After a couple of tough losses early, the Arrows committed to the new mantra of "Go Forward Rugby" - a team challenge to play a tougher and more aggressive brand of Rugby. From then, the Arrows played 5 straight matches decided by 6 points or less. This group firmly established the Arrows style of play that focuses on dominating set pieces while balancing ball distribution between Forwards and Backs more appropriately in Attack and aggressive defense. This group was the first-ever Arrows team to beat a Division Leader, late in the Regular Season.


Award Recipients:

Best Offensive Player: Mike Mumaugh

Best Defensive Player: Mike Mumaugh

Most Improved Player: Arthur Hernandez

Most Valuable Player: Mike Mumaugh

St. Sebastian Man of the Year: Blake Pellerin


Other Notables:

Top Points Scorer: Bryan Monks (64)

Top Try Scorer: Mike Mumaugh (10)

Newly Numbered Arrows: 25

Team Points per Game:  24.9

The Originals

2016 - 2017

RECORD: 1 - 8

In the very first season of Arrows RFC, ~50% of the players had never played Rugby before. Without the determination and resilience of this squad, Arrows Rugby would not exist. The Club finally got its first-ever Win in its 7th match against Galveston RFC - a convincing 60-12 Victory.


Award Recipients:

Best Offensive Player: Mike Mumaugh

Best Defensive Player: Chase Curry

Most Improved Player: Arthur Hernandez

Most Valuable Player: Blake Pellerin

St. Sebastian Man of the Year: Andy Maul


Other Notables:

Top Points Scorer: Bryan Monks (39)

Top Try Scorer: (TIE) Mike Mumaugh Bryan Vanas (4)

Newly Numbered Arrows: 39

Team Points per Game: 17.6

High School History

Introductory Match

April 2, 2018

Loss: 10 - 28

For the first time ever, the Catholic High School Rugby programs of Houston came together as Arrows "Schoolboys" to face a cross-country opponent from the Northeast. Boys from St. Thomas, Strake Jesuit, and St. Pius X took on Fordham Preparatory, a Jesuit school from the Bronx, NY. Fordham Prep brought their A-Game, defeating the Arrows High School side 28-10 in their Introductory match. Both teams enjoyed their post-match meal and fellowship; and the Fordham Prep boys were hosted by the Schoolboys' families for the evening before continuing their tour through the Lonestar State. 

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