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God and family come before Rugby. We are both a Catholic Community and a Rugby Club. We encourage one another to constantly pursue the Faith and to provide for our families before we step on the pitch. We challenge one another; on and off the field - physically, spiritually, and intellectually - to be better men. We cultivate an environment in which men can grow spiritually while having a beer with a friend. And on Rugby Saturdays - especially home games - our Faith, family, and rugby unite for a full family and community expression of life.

Playing for the Arrows

Our Club becomes more organized every year. Our Rugby gets better ever year. This sport provides a fraternal training environment to improve the person - physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

Just under half of our competitive rugby players had never played the sport before joining the Arrows. This figure does not even count all the folks who have come out to training to see if they like the sport!

As our player ranks grow, so too will the Club. We are blessed to play in an amateur league that provides the competitive opportunities for Clubs to grow organically.

You do NOT have to be Catholic to play for Arrows RFC. The basic expectation of all Arrows is to uphold the Club's Code of Conduct.

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