Player Numbers

Player Numbers

The 'Number' indicates an individual's contribution to the Club's Rugby. "Once an Arrow, always an Arrow", the Number is earned by either appearing in a 1st Side Cup Match ('Test Caps') - OR - by a player's continuous, selfless sacrifice to better his teammates.

No.NameTest CapsDebut
1Mike Schaad - Founder31v. Kingwood 10/29/2016
2Matt Greff2v. Kingwood 10/29/2016
3Arthur Hernandez26v. Kingwood 10/29/2016
4Brett Boren3v. Kingwood 10/29/2016
5Andrew Hoffart4v. Kingwood 10/29/2016
6Ethan Steadman6v. Kingwood 10/29/2016
7Chase Curry12v. Kingwood 10/29/2016
8Harry Foster4v. Kingwood 10/29/2016
9Andy Maul9v. Kingwood 10/29/2016
10Josh Ibarra5v. Kingwood 10/29/2016
11Michael Tresten3v. Kingwood 10/29/2016
12Augustin Hisse4v. Kingwood 10/29/2016
13Blaise Sims3v. Kingwood 10/29/2016
14Mike Mumaugh29v. Kingwood 10/29/2016
15Joe Wolf5v. Kingwood 10/29/2016
16Jason Rowe5v. Kingwood 10/29/2016
17Daniel Soto4v. Kingwood 10/29/2016
18Ben Zotti21v. Kingwood 10/29/2016
19Brian Merka7v. Kingwood 10/29/2016
20Ryan Fontenot3v. Kingwood 10/29/2016
21Eric Co22v. Kingwood 10/29/2016
22Freddy Rodriguez5v. Kingwood 10/29/2016
23Bryan Monks17v. Kingwood 10/29/2016
24Ray Herrera2v. HURT 11/19/2016
25Matt Tregre2v. HURT 11/19/2016
26Blake Pellerin29v. HURT 11/19/2016
27Taylor Burkhalter2v. Lonestar 12/3/2016
28Matt Mullins6v. Lonestar 12/3/2016
29David Butler3v. BARC 12/10/2016
30Phil Williams1v. Galveston 2/18/2017
31Larry Monks1v. Galveston 2/18/2017
32Jake Delao5v. Galveston 2/18/2017
33Bryan Vanas7v. Galveston 2/18/2017
34Matt Abrameit22v. HURT 2/25/2017
35Jonathan Cohen2v. HURT 2/25/2017
36Michael Hart24v. BARC 3/18/2017
37David Heffernan8v. Galveston 4/22/2017
38Steve Schaad1v. Kingwood 4/29/2017
39Paul De Ayala1v. BARC 3/18/2017
40Josh Ritchey3v. BARC 11/18/2017
41Vincent Ramos2v. BARC 11/18/2017
42Cesar Belloso2v. BARC 11/18/2017
43Eric Robinson4v. BARC 11/18/2017
44Paul Passino15v. BARC 11/18/2017
45Nurie Bissoon5v. BARC 11/18/2017
46Anthony Austria3v. BARC 11/18/2017
47Jason Kimball7v. BARC 11/18/2017
48Jonathan Cardinal11v. HURT 12/16/2017
49Danny Nacalaban2v. HURT 12/16/2017
50Tommy Walker2v. HURT 12/16/2017
51Brett Owens19v. Galveston 1/20/2018
52Davith Diaz4v. Galveston 1/20/2018
53Mike Landry3v. Galveston 1/20/2018
54Adrian Perez3v. Galveston 1/20/2018
55Jordan Power7v. Kingwood 1/27/2018
56Triston Hodge7v. Kingwood 1/27/2018
57Chris Herlehy3v. BARC 2/17/2018
58Justen Brignac19v. HURT 3/24/2018
59Will Freeman1v. HURT 3/24/2018
60Egan Gilder3v. HURT 3/24/2018
61Norm Dillon20v. HURT 3/24/2018
62Liam Finnegan1v. HURT 3/24/2018
63Bobby Whittington2v. Galveston 4/9/2018
64Chris Juneau7v. Galveston 4/9/2018
65Mohammed Elwan0
66Misael De Leon4v. The Woodlands 12/1/2018
67Guillaume Dubiton12v. The Woodlands 12/1/2018
68Jon Elorriaga2v. The Woodlands 12/1/2018
69Garrett Trautman12v. The Woodlands 12/1/2018
70Juan Ramirez1v. The Woodlands 12/1/2018
71Matthew Provost7v. The Woodlands 12/1/2018
72Jay Arnold13v. The Woodlands 12/1/2018
73Bryan Smyth12v. Kingwood 12/15/2018
74Chris Johnson6v. Kingwood 12/15/2018
75Adam Smyth11v. Kingwood 12/15/2018
76Donn Stewart2v. Kingwood 12/15/2018
77Johnny Williams7v. HURT 1/27/2019
78William Getschow6v. HURT 1/27/2019
79Sam Dillon6v. Galveston 2/9/2019
80Dan Hayden11v. Galveston 2/9/2019
81Abasi Thomas2v. Kingwood 3/9/2019
82Joe Cherny6v. Kingwood 3/9/2019
83Sergio Villamizar3v. HURT 3/30/2019
84Richard Pagel6v. Galveston 11/23/2019
85Carlos Rivera5v. Galveston 11/23/2019
86Daniel Velasquez1v. Galveston 11/23/2019
87Justin Kincheloe7v. Galveston 11/23/2019
88Jacob Leal1v. Galveston 11/23/2019
89Wian Engelbrecht7v. The Woodlands 12/7/2019
90Erik Leal5v. The Woodlands 12/7/2019
91Daniel Gutierrez4v. BARC 1/18/2020
92Stephen Wilson4v. HURT 2/1/2020
93Kyle Wittenbraker1v. The Woodlands 3/7/2020
94Thomas Mendez0

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