This Fall, we will debut our new “BrewTube” program. Stocked by Club Partner Platypus Brewery (on Washington Ave) and led by Apostolate Director Andy Maul, attendees will enjoy a thought-provoking YouTube video and engaging conversation over a cold, post-training brew! Immediately following rugby practice on select Thursdays this Fall, the doors will be open to those coming off the field and those joining us just for the BrewTube session. Our first 4 sessions will will be held at Eaton Hall, just next to our practice field (click for map) and our 5th and final sessions will be held at another Club Partner’s place, Ship Channel Trading (in Garden Oaks).


BrewTube Schedule

  1. Thursday, October 14 at Eaton Hall (Map) - 8:00 PM
  2. Thursday, October 21 at Eaton Hall (Map) - 8:00 PM
  3. Thursday, November 4 at Eaton Hall (Map) - 8:00 PM
  4. Thursday, November 18 at Eaton Hall (Map) - 8:00 PM
  5. Thursday, December 9 at Ship Channel Trading (Map) - 8:15 PM


For more information please CONTACT US.

Apostolate Program Overview

Arrows RFC is a Catholic Community with the purpose of forming men in Christian virtue through competitive Rugby. We are BOTH a Catholic Community AND a Rugby Club

The most unique feature of Arrows RFC is its Apostolate Program. The term Apostolate shares the same Greek derivation as the term used for the 12 Apostles sent to "make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19). The Arrows Apostolate is an overflow of the life within the members of the Club. It is the Club's ministry far beyond the sport of rugby that serves its men, families, and parish communities. After all - the Greek apostello means to "send out" or "send forth".

We invite all men - whether or not they play rugby - to participate in our Apostolate programs; and player participation is completely voluntary. 

We have become accustomed to a few seasonal programs, including our Arrows “Tales” through the Spring and Philosophy through the Summers (Click for our YouTube playlists of videos for Arrows Tales and of last year’s 5 Ways of Thomas Aquinas Philosophy program).

Arrows RFC is a Catholic community with the purpose of forming men in Christian virtue through competitive Rugby. 

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