our mission

Arrows RFC is a Catholic community with the purpose of forming men in Christian virtue through competitive rugby.

code of conduct

Because we strive to be our best selves for our teammates, our families, and God, each Arrows player agrees to adhere to our Code of Conduct. The Code is as follows:

As a member of the Arrows RFC community, relying on God, with the help of this community, I will strive to uphold the following principles:

·         I will be a team player supporting those around me and the leadership of this club by bringing a positive attitude and willingness to participate fully in the overall strategy put forward by Club Leadership.

·         I will seek to glorify our Lord with my words and actions both on and off the field as related to Arrows RFC, letting go of self-interest for the good of the Arrows community;

·         I will treat all members of this community as brothers and sisters in Christ by showing respect and upholding their basic human dignity;

·         I will encourage, welcome, and receive diverse thoughts and opinions that may be different than my own; unless those diverse thoughts or opinions become detrimental to the club itself.

·         I will not alienate or discriminate other members due to faith, ethnicity, gender, or athletic ability

·         I will speak kindly about women and their inherent dignity as daughters of Christ;

·         I will be respectful to the coaches and team leaders and support them in their work

·         I will respect the Referee and the authority inherent to his or her position regardless of the situation;

·         I will treat all opposing players with respect and dignity, not responding with anger, violence, or ill-willed aggression in moments of frustration or unfair play;

·         I will treat all opposing fans with respect and dignity, not retaliating to crude or hurtful comments or gestures;

·         I will treat fellow members of this community with truth and mercy when they fail to uphold the principles outlined above

·          And when I fail to uphold this code of conduct, I will seek forgiveness first with our Lord and secondly with the members of this community knowing that we will all falter.