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Fordham Preparatory - April 2, 2018

The Introductory Match

For the first time ever, the Catholic High School Rugby programs of Houston came together as Arrows to face a cross-country opponent from the Northeast. Fordham Preparatory, a Jesuit school from the Bronx, NY, brought their A-Game, defeating the Arrows Schoolboys 28-10 in their Introductory Match. Both teams enjoyed their post-match meal and fellowship; and the Fordham Prep boys were hosted by the Schoolboys' families for the evening before continuing their tour in Houston. 


Watch the match for yourself!

Match Lineup

Pos. Name Class School Parish
1 William Hernandez Senior St. Pius X
2 Brian Smith Soph. Strake Jesuit St. Theresa
3 Matthew Dao Junior Strake Jesuit St. Helen
4 John Sparks Junior St. Thomas St. Thomas More
5 Kenneth Swanson Junior Strake Jesuit
6 Aidan Brown Soph. Strake Jesuit St. Laurence
7 Travis Bartniski Senior St. Thomas St. Rose
8 Drake Parks Senior St. Pius X Assumption
9 Cole Elham Senior St. Pius X
10 Eli Young (VC) Senior St. Thomas
11 Max Honjo Soph. Strake Jesuit
12 David John Selby (C) Junior St. Pius X
13 Matthew Irby Senior Strake Jesuit
14 Conner Landry Junior St. Pius X St. Rose
15 Eddie Battenfield Junior St. Pius X
16 Chris Curtis Junior St. Pius X
17 Rene Sanchez Senior St. Thomas
18 Joe Simon Junior Strake Jesuit
19 Christian Noyola Senior St. Thomas St. Joseph
20 Alvaro Directo Junior Strake Jesuit Holy Rosary
21 Jacob Cortez Senior St. Pius X St. Jerome
22 Alex Pollock Senior St. Thomas
23 David Sipes Freshman St. Pius X


General Manager: Matt Abrameit

Head Coach: Brett Mills

Assistant Coaches: Paul Passino, Bryan Monks, Arthur Hernandez, Josh Ritchey

With tremendous support from our schools' Head Coaches: Bill Rung (Strake Jesuit), Dave Selby (St. Pius X), and Jim Wolfinger (St. Thomas)