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2018 - 2019 Season Sponsors


Sponsored by J.S. Paluch

J.S. Paluch

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The J.S. Paluch Company is dedicated to serving Catholic parishes, religious communities, and organizations across the United States. Founded by John S. Paluch in 1913, the J.S. Paluch Company remains a family-owned business. 

Sponsored by Texas Investigative Network

Texas Investigative Network

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Texas Investigative Network, Inc. was founded in 1994 and has successfully and discreetly completed more than 6,000 assignments. Their investigators are very knowledgeable, experienced, highly specialized and have received extensive investigative training through local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, the U.S. Military and the Insurance and Legal Professions. 

Sponsored by The Brandon Kirk Sims Foundation

The Brandon Kirk Sims Foundation

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The Brandon Kirk Sims Foundation Inc., founded on August 5, 2010, was a vision that the Sims family conceived as a way to provide a legacy for Brandon and to help better serve the surrounding community through financial contributions, community service, and spiritual endeavors.

Sponsored by Turner Magnum

Turner Magnum

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Turner Mangum, LLC. is a family owned and operated brokerage, changing traditional industry standards with innovative programs and a genuine service towards our clients. We STRONGLY believe in breaking the mold of traditional real estate practices by providing our clients with a high quality service for literally a fraction of the cost.

Sponsored by Officer Storage Solutions

Officer Storage Solutions

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In addition to providing first class storage options Officer Storage Solutions also are proud to offer indoor modular building space. These cost effective spaces can provide office space for shift supervisors, warehouse managers, shipping and receiving, and labs/technical rooms. These buildings can be custom designed to fit a variety of needs and with  installation time up to 75% faster than traditional building methods, there is little to no disruption to daily activities.

Sponsored by Texas Industrial Battery

Texas Industrial Battery

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After 40 years in business, we take pride in our expertise in servicing and selling forklift batteries and forklift battery chargers. Our goal is to keep our customers operating with minimal downtime. 

In Kind

Sponsored by KSHJ AM 1430 - Houston Catholic Radio

KSHJ AM 1430 - Houston Catholic Radio

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"We believe that Our Lady of Guadalupe, who once brought 8 million people into the living streams of Catholicism, can once again bring light into our present darkness!" - Guadalupe Radio Network

The GRN operates 32 radio stations and reaches a population of 20,000,000 potential listeners. We are the only Catholic radio organization establishing Catholic radio stations in both English and Spanish in the same markets. GRN operates solely through the generosity of our listeners following the model of Eternal Word Television Network.

Sponsored by St. Pius X High School

St. Pius X High School

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The Dominican Sisters of Houston, Texas, in conjunction with the Diocese of Galveston-Houston, founded St. Pius X High School in 1956. This co-educational high school opened in September of 1956 with 253 ninth and 10th grade students, under the patronage of St. Pius X. In 1957, St. Pius X served grades nine through 11, and by 1958, the School functioned as a four-year high school. St. Pius X numbers more than 5,000 graduates among its alumni, many of whom now have sons and daughters in attendance at the School.

Sponsored by Karbach Brewing Co.

Karbach Brewing Co.

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"Our background is in the beer biz. Everything from distribution and importing to German training and brewery operations. A few years ago we had an opportunity that would allow us to open up our own brewery. We jumped on it.

We’re extremely excited about this brewery, and we think it shows in everything we do. This is just plain fun for us. The day it starts to feel like a job is the day when lightning shall strike us dead. Cause, hey, at the end of the day we’re making beer. And beer is fun."


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Arrows 100

Sponsored by Carlton Staffing

Carlton Staffing

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We are a diverse team of collaborators and problem solvers with a relentless drive to create outstanding experiences for those we serve. We love rolling up our sleeves and getting down to work–connecting great people with great jobs! It’s the reason we’ve been recognized as “Best in Staffing for Client Satisfaction” every year since 2012. We’re proud to be known as a service provider that focuses on quality and work hard to maintain that reputation.

Sponsored by Tactical Defense Houston

Tactical Defense Houston

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Tactical Defense is a reality based self-defense program created to handle the threats of the modern world through Awareness, Discipline, and Tactics.

Oaks Wealth Management

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Sponsored by Avanok Distillery

Avanok Distillery

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Avanok Distillery uses time-tested techniques and rich local ingredients to distill cultivated liquors that taste like home, yet area  fine companion for wherever the road may lead. 

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